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Physical Education Checklists and Health Rubrics
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The role of assessment in the Health and Physical Education has four purposes:

  1. The teacher focuses on each individual student who might otherwise be neglected.
  2. The teacher receives necessary data that shows how the class as a whole is progressing.
  3. Valuable feedback on how you are doing as a teacher and how your curriculum is meeting the needs of every student.
  4. When designed and conducted appropriately, the assessment is a valuable teaching tool.

The primary goal of assessment should be seen as the enhancement of learning, rather than simply the documentation of learning. (NASPE)

Planning for Assessment

  1. Assess all three domains-cognitive, psychomotor, and affective.
  2. Assessment and instruction are linked. This allows the student and teachers not only to see that something has been learned but also to demonstrate it.
  3. The student is the primary client. The assessment should then be designed to improve performance, and not just to monitor it. There must be feedback to the student.
  4. Assessment is an ongoing part of teaching. It is not the end and it is not the afterthought.
  5. Assessment is comprised of meaningful and worthwhile tasks. Our assessment should support students' desire to learn.

Selecting Assessment Options

Teacher Observation-Was the skill performed correctly?
Peer Observation-With a partner I can provide feedback on a selected task.
Self-Assessment-Did I achieve this task and how could I improve on my performance?

Selecting Assessment Tools

Checklists-Most commonly used to assess skills.
Rubrics-Take time but indicate the quality of the task completed.
Portfolios-Keep them simple but include a variety of work completed such as videotapes. Student Displays-posters and bulletin boards.
Students may work in groups.
Students With Special Needs-use alternative assessments. Checklists could include social behavior. Rubrics should be extended to include more levels of development.

Physical Education Checklists and Health Rubrics
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