Lesson Plans

Assessment Plans



  1. All students are engaged in appropriate learning activities for a large amount of the time.
  2. The learning atmosphere is success oriented with a positive and caring climate.
  3. Students are given clear objectives and receive information from the teacher and the environment.
  4. Student progress is monitored regularly and students are held accountable for learning.
  5. There is smooth transition from one activity to another. Efficient teachers are efficient managers of students.
  6. Students spend a limited amount of time waiting for a turn or in other unproductive behaviors.
  7. Teachers are organized with high but realistic expectations for student achievement.
  8. Teachers are enthusiastic about what they are doing and are actively involved in the instructional process. Active involvement means active supervision, enthusiasm, and high interaction rates with their students.

It has been suggested that teachers make more than 100 decisions while teaching a lesson. It stands to reason that a well-prepared lesson plan takes care of many of the decisions ahead of time.

Lesson Plan Outline

Lesson Plan Name_____________________________

Lesson Focus_________________________________


Objectives for Lesson

They must be aligned with the State Goals and Your Unit Goals
They must be observable.
They must identify the content to be learned in the lesson.
They must be designed for all three learning domains:
Psychomotor-The student will demonstrate a task
Cognitive-The student will know and comprehend the skill.
Affective-The student will develop appropriate attitude toward self and others.

Skills to Be Learned___________________________________

List the specific skills you want the students to learn.

Consideration for Special Needs

Will special equipment be needed in order for the student to participate?
What does the student's IEP state in terms of the needs, goals, and activity?
Will you need to make special rules for the activity?
Will you need to discuss areas of concern with the other students in the activity?
Will YOU make appropriate adjustments in order for this student to enjoy and succeed in the activity?

Equipment or Materials Needed For The Lesson


Safety Concerns


The directions should be clearly stated and detailed.


Ask what they liked best about the activity.

Discuss ways they could show others what they accomplished.

Example of Physical Education and Health lesson.
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