Reviving Nature

The project that our group took interest in is the idea of planting more trees and gardens around campus and in certain apartment complexes. We have noticed that more and more trees are begin cut down, and gardens are tilled, but have not noticed any effort to replace what is being taken away. Trees and gardens are living examples of small ecosystems. Not only do they give us oxygen, shade, and inspiration, but they also serve nature as a place for animals and insects to survive. Without trees and gardens, many of the things we take for granted could start to disappear. In order to stop this from happening, our group believes that for every one tree that is taken down, two more should be planted whether on campus or in the community. Likewise, if a garden is tilled, we would like to see more gardens appear in other areas.

Areas in particular that would show improvement if this were to happen would be the apartment complexes around campus. Planter-boxes in windows and planter-boxes neatly assembled on decks or porches would draw attention to the importance of gardens.

For examples of how you could start your own windowsill project, please click on the tree and be creative!


Going Green Ideas